5 NYX Products That Can Replace Your Expensive Sephora Finds


A few months ago, myself and some other bloggers received a very special package from NYX cosmetics. It was a collection of some of their newest product! Since then I’ve been testing out my new goodies and seeing how they compare to the products I buy from Sephora. Turns out these drug store products held up pretty well! While some could replace my pricey favorites altogether, others serve as a great new addition to my beauty routine!   

1. HD Concealer Wand

compare to: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea

Concealer is a very important part of my makeup routine. My dark under-eye circles need a saturated yet light-weight formula. I searched far and wide before discovering Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea. It provides optimal coverage while maintaining the feeling of no makeup. It's also long lasting and hydrates my skin. Once I started testing NYX's HD Concealer Wand, I realized it provides me with that same pigmented coverage that feels lightweight. However, what makes Tarte's product so special is it's vegan formula and anti-aging benefits. Being so affordable, NYX products do not have these same benefits. But it's still nice to know that next time I run out of concealer, I have a choice between saving or splurging.  


2.hd finishing powder

compare to: laura mercier finising powder

I love  my Laura Mercier finishing powder! When I apply it around my eyes it creates a smooth finish that reminds me of sleeping in freshly cleaned sheets. However, I use such a small amount of it and I've been starting to think maybe this isn't a product I need to invest in. After trying the NYX finishing powder, I noticed that I get that same smooth finish, just not quite as translucent. There is always going to be some give and take when it comes to switching to a more affordable product. It's up to you to determine what's worth sacrificing.  

3. dewy finishing spray 

compare to: urban decay chill setting spray 

The dewey finishing spray has been an awesome addition to my makeup routine, but it does not make me want to give up my Urban Decay. The NYX spray creates a dewey finished look, which is always what I aim to achieve when doing my makeup. However, nothing does compare to the long lasting, cooling effects of Urban Decay's chill spray. According to urbandecay.com, "Chill Makeup Setting Spray features cooling time-release Temperature Control Technology that actually chills the surface of your makeup—to keep it looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 12 hours." And I can vouch for them! This stuff is amazing! All New Yorkers know the struggle of a humid heat wave in July. The chill setting spray has gotten me through some long days of running errands for my boss in the stifling heat. The dewey finishing spray by NYX is a great alternative for not-so-hot days or days where I'll be inside. That way, I can save my good stuff for when I really need it. For special occasions, I like to use both!  


4.wonder stick***

compare to: becca highlighter in champagne pop

Okay this stuff is the real deal. If you're going to use any NYX product, let it be this one! This product has completely enhanced my makeup routine, giving me the exact dewey look I'd been attempting for years! Never have I heard so many people say "Danielle, your skin is glowing!" But again, I am in no hurry to stop using my Becca highlighter. I have simply incorporated my wonder stick into my already established routine! I use the universal shade which is the only shade that comes with a 'shimmer effect' on the highlight side. I would also like to add that I do not contour, I only highlight. I've tried contouring in the past but it honestly makes no difference to me and it makes me feel like I have way too much makeup on my face. So the dark side of my wonder stick goes unused. 

How I've incorporated the wonder stick into my routine:

 After I sweep my cheekbones with warmth by Bare Minerals,  I swipe the smallest amount of the universal highlight stick on the top corners of my cheekbones (right next to the top of my ear). I then us a beauty blender, spreading the highlight downward towards my nose. My final touch is using a small brush to sweep my Becca highlighter over the NYX highlighter. So for those of you who ask how I get my glowing, dewey look, there's your answer! 

5. honey dew me up serum and primer

compare to: GUERLAIn l'or radiance primer

Has anyone else noticed this beauty trend? It seems that all my favorite celebrities and beauty bloggers are raving about serums and primers with gold flakes. In all honesty, I'm not so sure that the gold flakes serve any purpose outside of looking pretty.  The Guerlain L'Or radiance primer for $74 is one highly recommended product on Sephora.com. I have not had the opportunity to try it because no, I am not spending $74 on one primer. NOT happening. Plus, after trying NYX's honey dew me up serum and primer, I'm hooked! This product will reduce redness and discoloration while tightening fine lines and moisturizing the skin. Both products have high ratings and while one might feel the need to cover her face in 24-carat gold, I'm good with my under $20 primer. 

2 nyx products that I would not use again

Now that we've discussed the best of NYX let's talk about the worst. There were two products that came in my package that I would never use again. These are two items that I will continue to shop the more expensive alternative. 

1.micro brow pencil 

instead use: anastasia brow powder duo

I had never used a eyebrow pencil before this so I wasn't sure what to expect. For years I've been using Anastasia's duo pressed powder which I love because it allows me to shape my eyebrows with out giving them that 'drawn on' look. The angled flat brush helps spread the powder so that the color isn't too saturated. When using the pencil by NYX, I tried to spread the color using the spool end but it wouldn't blend. So I continued to fill in the rest of my brows and all I can say is "eww". They looked way too fake and drawn on. Safe to say I was less than pleased by this product and will continue to use my pressed powder. 

2. lip lingere liquid lipstick

instead use: gen nude matte liquid lipstick by bare minerals 

The NYX matte liquid lipstick completely dried out my lips. One minute after applying it my lips were all cracked. 100% would not use again. My experience with the gen nude collection by Bare Minerals has been MUCH better. It's a matte formula but it's totally moisturizing. My favorite color is Bo$$!