Beauty Lover's Gift Guide


Got a beauty obsessed babe in your life? Whether it’s your sister, girlfriend, daughter, mother, BFF, etc., she will likely fall in love with any item on this gift guide! Each item was carefully selected by me and all picks are products I’ve used and love. Whether you’re looking for a little stocking stuffer or a splurge item, I’ve got you covered!


masques dujour

Is it masque or mask? Who cares. We all use them, we all love them. Men and women, alike! I don’t think you can do better than a new face masque for the beauty lover in your life. My personal faves? Number one would have to be Honey Potion by Farmacy, but honestly these have all tremendously improved my skin. When I visited California earlier this year, my face broke out (because travel). Thank goodness for the beauty shop in Coronado that carried the Deep Cleansing Clay Masque by Aveda because after one use my skin was saved!


My new favorite brand! Seriously, these products are miracle workers! Locally sourced ingredients from sustainable farms in upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Doesn’t get much more local than that! Farmacy has given me my healthiest skin yet and supporting them means supporting the environment. I am gifting this brand like crazy this season!     

for the makeup lover

Gifting makeup can be tricky if you don’t know your giftee’s shade or skin type. But you can still please the makeup lover in your life if you stick to eyes and lips. I based my selection on universal shades for every girl. The Naked 2 Palette for neutral eye shadows, the perfect ruby red lip, Becca highlighter in champagne pop, and Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray. These products will be sure to please any makeup lover in your life!

for the hair lover

This can be another tricky category. To shop for the hair lover is to know her hair. But sometimes, all you need to know is that your giftee loves to take care of her precious locks. The Aveda Damage Repair Masque is a winner, for any hair type. We all damage our hair in some way or another. Give the gift of revitalization and replenishment this season!


One thing I always have on retainer: moisturizer. I happen to be a dry skin type and I’ve become kinda sorta addicted to moisturizing products. Lotions, serums, and oils are things that every woman uses, so it’s a safe bet if you don’t know her too well.

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