Cardi-Tank Set: Winter into Spring


This year, I promised myself that I would start creating more wardrobe and styling posts for you guys. I consider myself a bit of an expert in that area so I hope these posts will help all of you curate your dream closets! One important part of building an efficient wardrobe is finding pieces that you can take from season to season. This cardigan-tank set hits the nail on the head! It keeps me warm on a frigid winter day, and it’s the perfect balance of light and cozy for a 70 degree day in the spring. Keep reading to see how I styled this set for the winter and how I plan to style it this upcoming spring!

how i styled this set for winter:


It’s that time of year when we are all ready for spring but spring is not quite ready for us. Once February comes around, I refuse to buy any more winter clothing, unless it’s something I can continue wearing into spring. For winter, I styled this set with the BEST high waisted faux leather leggings. Jeans are, of course, a perfect alternative, but there is nothing like a head-to-toe all knit outfit to stay comfy all day. I threw on a scarf, my versatile white booties, and grabbed my favorite Kate Spade tote to complete the look. It’s really that easy. Picking everyday outfits should always be that easy.

how i styled this set for spring


For the spring, I swapped pants out for a denim skirt, added some fun hoops, and kept the booties (because white booties are a year-round trend)! White sneakers would also be a super cute pairing for spring. The funny thing is I took these “spring” photos in January! But I was in LA, and So-Cal in January is like springtime in New York, warm but not hot. This tank-cardi set has proven to be quite the purchase! The fabric quality is unmatched. It feels like wearing a blanket! In fact, I actually used the cardigan as a blanket on my flights to and from LA. Much better than those thin airplane blankets! Of all its qualities, my favorite thing about this set is that it’s multi-seasonal. Incorporating more year-round pieces into your wardrobe will save you storage space and ensure you are getting the most out of your closet. I hope this post has helped some of you! Look forward to more styling posts on BBB in the future!