BBB Style Report: Finding Your Uniform


Welcome to the first ever #BBBStyleReport! This is where I will share fashion and styling tips on how to curate your perfect wordrobe!

Today's Topic is all about Finding Your Uniform. 

Your uniform is the generic outfit that you can wear on a daily basis in different ways. It should be tailored to your lifestyle. Once you've established what items your uniform consists of, you can start shopping to contribute to it. If you're a student, your uniform should be casual, trendy, and modest (tees, sweaters, jeans, boots and sneakers). If you work full-time, your uniform will depend on your job's dress code policy. Try to find clothing that is both appropriate for work and stylish enough to wear outside of work. Next time you go shopping think "Can this item be part of my uniform?". I work in a boutique so my daily look includes a cozy sweater, jeans (or another form of skinny-fit bottoms), and booties. In the spring, my uniform will likely turn into jeans and tanks, as well as dresses and sandals. Keep in mind you can have multiple uniforms! Accessories should also play a role in your daily looks. I have my everyday studs and dainty layered necklaces. The above photos include two of my favorite uniform looks. I love mixing denim with shades of nude; It makes picking out my daily looks effortless! See some additional ways I wear my uniform below.    

other ways i wear my uniform


uniform tops

uniform bottoms

uniform shoes

Three things that happen when you find your uniform:

1.Your wardrobe is tailored to your lifestyle:

We all know the dilemma: a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. The problem is your wardrobe doesn't fit your day to day life. Many of the boutique clients I work with admit to leaving many items in their closet, unworn. These problems come from bad shopping habits. Unless you have a specific event or special occasion, you should always try to focus on contributing to your daily wardrobe when you shop. Purchase pieces that you can (and will) wear to work, school, the gym, errands, etc. I know it sounds boring to shop for work clothes but it doesn't have to be! Experiment with trends and have fun with it. Try a fun printed pant or a pointed toe flat! Once you start practicing these good habits, you will begin to curate a more substantial wardrobe that fits your life!    

2.You spend much less time picking out outfits:

Once you've established that perfect balance of tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes, your getting ready time will turn into a fraction of what it used to be. Picking out your outfit in the morning should be as easy as pulling a few items in a matter of seconds. When shopping for your uniform, you should look for interchangeable pieces. I love a good statement piece as much as the net gal, but it's important to have more versatile pieces that will go with majority of what you already own. If there's a certain color that you know you love to wear, try adding more neutrals that compliment said color. If you keep all my tips in mind, selecting your daily looks will be a no brainer! 

3. you discover your personal style

The best part of your uniform is that it's your uniform! We all have our personal preferences when it comes to color, fabrication, silhouette, and trend. Your daily life determines what your uniform will be. How you execute your uniform is what makes it your own.