Same Outfit, 2 Different Ways

IMG-1294-Facetune-02-04-2018-15-25-25 copy 2.jpg

Truth be told, I didn't initially realize that I created the same look twice! I selected these outfits for two different photoshoots and when I noticed the similarities, I became aware of some of my styling habits. In my last post, I talked about the benefits of finding your uniform. Once you've built a wardrobe that is properly tailored to your lifestyle, picking out your daily looks becomes a no-brainer!  

The key to creating maximum outfits with minimum pieces is simple: keep buying the same things.  If something works for you, just keep gong with it. If you love denim skirts, collect a variety that you can wear in different ways; a basic blue, a white denim, patchwork, a zipper front, etc. Also, ain't nothing wrong with buying the same item in multiple colors (like my sweaters)! Stick with what you know and love, but don't be afraid to branch out and try new trends.  

These two outfits are fully comprised of closet staples. In both looks, I'm wearing the exact same skirt, with the same sweater (different colors), as well as a light spring jacket and block heel booties. I have an abundance of these staples in my closet which makes it easy for me to swap out certain items and create a whole new look.  

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Photography By: Laurel Creative