Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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My boyfriend, Kevin, and I have been together for over seven years now and for a majority of that time, we were pretty broke. After working for a few years, we saved up enough money to take our first trip together to Playa del Carmen, Mexico! It was an unforgettable getaway to say the least. I was in paradise with my best friend and love of my life! 

We stayed at the Grand Riviera Princess Resort. I would highly recommend this place for days. The staff was kind and welcoming and there was so much to do around the resort! The food was great, considering we booked an all-inclusive stay (my past experiences with all-inclusive hotels had below average food). I would have loved to venture out and dine on some authentic Mexican cuisine but our short time there didn't allow it. We only stayed for four nights so we wanted to check out as many of the resort restaurants as we could! 

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My favorite part of our trip was gaining access to the exclusive beach club, "Chill Out". When Kevin and I checked into the Princess, the first thing we did was book our dinner reservations for the week. Chill Out was the only restaurant with availability for our first night. It was also the only restaurant not part of the all-inclusive package; this was irrelevant once we found out that one meal at Chill Out gave us access the private lounge area for the rest of our stay! We wined and dined on seafood with a side of nighttime ocean views. It was the best meal we had at the Princess and the addition of the Chill Out Lounge upgraded our entire experience. There were also two beautiful weddings at Chill Out while during our stay. If you're considering a destination wedding, I highly recommend looking into the Chill Out Beach Club!


animal fun

Nothing like making animal friends! Aside from these professional animodels we got to work with, there was plenty of wildlife in Playa del Carmen to discover! One new animal I became familiar with was the coatimundi. The coatimundi looks like a cuter version of a raccoon and a less cute version of a red panda. These furry little pests run large in numbers and would scavenge around the outdoor dining areas of the beach. They were half cute and half annoying. I also enjoyed seeing some iguanas, chameleons, and various reptiles around the resort!  

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Our first experience in the Riviera Maya was one for the books! We left wanting more so we will definitely be back for more! Thank you, Playa del Carmen! 

Danielle Muscarella